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Special Interest Answering Service
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    We will provide you with the highest level of services

    We do so much more than answer phones. We are an award winning telemessaging organization. Family Owned & Operated for over 30 years!
    We offer courteous message service management 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All calls answered in the USA! No outsourcing. It’s easy to get started! CONTACT US TODAY. Call Toll Free to 1-855-344-0368.

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    What Our Client's Are Saying About Special Interest Answering Service

    Dr Terry Northrup, DDS

    Our dental office has been with Special Interest Answering for the last three years. I find their service to be professional, consistent and the operators are very good with our patients. I would go so far as to say they have increased our patient count by offering new call in's that want an immediate appointment a time... I think it keeps those new patients from looking further.

    Anita Coynes Office Manager
    Dr Terry Northrup, DDS

    Third Arm Maintenance

    We have used Special Interest Answering for about 10 years now. They are great. They take our calls, call people back if we ask them to, text us when we need it, even wake me up when I need it. Some of their operators have been there longer than I have. I know they care about my business and I trust them with my customers. Very organized, very professional.

    Steve Burrows Owner
    Third Arm Maintenance

    K & D Medical Services

    We want to take this time to extend our gratitude to Special Interest Answering Service. Not only have they grown with our business but they are able to adapt to fit our needs without compromising the service they provide. We have been able to refer them to many of our clients who also love their remarkable service. We can ALWAYS rely on them to be able to handle our calls with a freindly approach for all of our callers, leave detailed messages, and be there when we need them. Thank you Special Interest !

    Scott Flanagan
    Landscape Designer

    I am impressed with how quickly you processed my request. thank you so much for being such a reliable vendor!

    Peter McDonnell, MD

    Dear Special, (because you are)

    Thank you for providing excellent service over the past year! Your staff is always prompt, courteous, and pleasant. As you know, my patients are elderly and require patience. I never received any complaints from any of my patients, and you were their main point of contact 6 days out of 7, 24 hours a day.

    I also had occasion to call the service many times and I was always greeted with a pleasant voice. My calls were always answered by the second ring and generally by the first. I have had other services in the past, but yours is the best!

    Thank you! Sincerely,
    Peter McDonnell, MD

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